View Full Version : Closed WTB a3k dip memory chips

13th August 2012, 23:15
All 16 megs needed. Offer me decent price and ill buy them off.
I havent seen any of these sold anywhere so dont try to rip me off.
Needs to be faster than 120ns

14th August 2012, 20:11
The A3000 cannot handle 16MB DIP memory, only 1MB. If you're looking for more than 1MB you need ZIP. (can have up to 16MB)


14th August 2012, 20:24
I think you can put up to 4MB of DIP DRAMs in an A3000 as FastRAM, but you'd need larger capacity DIPs.

But as Tj says, you'll need to be looking at ZIP DRAMs if you want the full 16MB. Be aware that ZIPs come in two flavours, 'Static Column' and 'Page Mode'. Static Column ones give a 10% performance boost to an A3000 with a stock '030, but are incompatible with an '040.

Alternatively, you can get a SIMM adapter and plug in standard PC 72pin SIMMs.


14th August 2012, 21:52
....or wait a bit the new INDIVIDUAL COMPUTERS (http://www.jschoenfeld.com/news/news143_e.htm) expansions cards: BigRamPlus offers 256MBytes of memory for A3000(T) and A4000(T).

14th August 2012, 22:33
Actually, that's also a good point. You can still buy ZorRAM cards, too!