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14th August 2012, 03:14
Wanted: reasonable priced Amiga 1200 with an accelerator card that can function with music production and VJ softwares. I would also might add an interest for any hardware that could serve a function for my needs (genlock, mindeye etc.)


14th August 2012, 10:10
Hi, please see my a1200 accelerator for sale:


14th August 2012, 13:41
I can offer you oneamiga 1200 with 1240 030 50Mhz and 64Mb ram <snip> ... </snip>.
PM me if interested

Please keep prices in private message. Z

14th August 2012, 13:44
i can offer an a1200uk with cobra ec030/40 mhz 64mb and fpu <snip>...</snip>

Please keep prices in private message. Z

14th August 2012, 19:55
ok but how are the accelerator cards compared to blizzard for instance?

14th August 2012, 22:20
for p&p to europe i need go on office post friday

14th August 2012, 22:48
good price yes. but does it come with whd-loader?

14th August 2012, 23:20
You can quite easily use the non registered version of whdload, or buy it (which i recommend)

15th August 2012, 03:21
ok but how are the accelerator cards compared to blizzard for instance?

The Blizzard 030@50MHz MkIV with 68882 FPU@ 50MHz

MIPS = 9.9
FLOPS = 1.3

(image - thanks to keropi)

The Blizzard 030 MkIV can be upgraded to have 128MB of fast RAM installed and with the addition of the SCSI Module, can also have a further 128MB of RAM for 256MB total FAST RAM. This also provides FAST SCSI 2 (DMA) channel with asynchronous speeds of 7MB per second typical

The Apollo 1230 Mk3 030 @ 40MHz + MC68882 FPU @ 40MHz

MIPS = 8.23
FLOPS = 1.14

http://s6.postimage.org/l48wa28q9/apollo1230_40.jpg (http://postimage.org/)
(image thanks to ByteRyder)

The Apollo 1230 range has many variants, the Mk2 and Mk3 are the best revisions. The Mk2, like the Mk3 can have upto 64MB of RAM installed, however both adapters require the the addition of another SIMM socket. Once installed the MK2 wont fit into a standard desktop case, however the MK3 will only need a small modification made to the internal chassis.

The Apollo 1230 Mk2 and Mk3 can also be upgraded with the optional extra Apollo SCSI II Module. While does improve hard-disk transfer speed it doesn't support DMA and as a result only performs at 2-3MB per second.

The Apollo 1240 @ 25 MHz

MIPS = 18.1
FLOPS = 4.74

http://s6.postimage.org/q46ci0ecx/apollo1240_25.jpg (http://postimage.org/)
(image thanks to QuillOmega0)

The Apollo 1240 provides upto 32MB of RAM, with the addition of a 72PIN socket the adapter can support up to 64MB of FAST RAM. The Apollo 1240 can also be upgraded with the Apollo SCSI which will provide 2-3MB per second Disk transfer speed.

that should get you going.

15th August 2012, 09:09
...And the Apollo 1240 @ 40MHz I am selling tops the lot at 28.8 MIPS! :D