View Full Version : Sold Atari 130 XE as perfect demo/gamemachine

14th August 2012, 23:10
For sale is an Atari 130 XE (Pal)

This machine is perfectly prepared to watch everything there is on the Atari 800/XL/XE. The latest demos, games or stereo-musics will be no problem for this machine.
It was recently professionally refurbished to make 100% sure that everything is right with this machine. All known weak spots were resoldered, cleaned and the machine went through a C.P.S. SALT burn-in test without any errors.
Keyboard, joyports and cartridge slot are 100% ok.

Originally this machine comes with 128 KByte RAM but it has several upgrades:

1) 512 KByte Ram expansion which you can set via the switches on the back to have it disabled or in Rambo (256 KB and 512 KB) or compyshop/XE (256 KB) mode

2) 4 selectable operating systems : original rom (with patched in coldreboot via Select+Reset keypress), oldrunner OS (to use the old stuff that was made for the 400/800, hias-highspeed sio and qmeg rom

3) Stereo pokey pcb with an amplifier-circuit based on the NE5532 was installed

4) SuperVideo fix for the XE was made to give you the perfect picture via s-video (y-c/chroma-luma), you will need a scart cable or s-video cable to make use of the full potential of this machine.

5) A sio2pc interface was built into the computer, your key to connect your pc to the atari. The pc will emulate a disc drive, so you can load every disc there is directly into your atari without the need for a real floppy drive.
you will need a serial port on your pc or an serial to usb adapter which you can get easily for a few bucks in the stores.

check http://aspeqt.sourceforge.net/ for further details

This machine comes with the following extras (if wanted/needed)

- the 130 XE
- a 220/230 Volt power supply with Euro connector OR the original heavy one if you really want that (if you are from the UK we can leave this out if wanted, as you can get an alternative UK one easily)
- Atari to Scart video cable for the best picture you can get on a TV. if you want I can try to dig out an antenna cable, too.
- a version of Star Raiders on Cart so you can start gaming :-D
- optionally some joystick for playtesting (tell me if you want one!)

I would like to have 140 Euros for this beauty.

Shipping within Europe will be like 15 to 20 Euros as trackable and insured parcel, I have to check the final costs before shipping
If you are from Germany shipping will be 5,90 Euros

Payable via paypal

if you have any questions don't hesitate, I mostly don't byte eh bite...

15th August 2012, 04:24
wow if that was a ntsc machine I would be all over it.

nice rig.

15th August 2012, 06:07
wow if that was a ntsc machine I would be all over it.

nice rig.

No. its a p e r f e c t PAL machine!:):thumbsup:

15th August 2012, 07:23
wow if that was a ntsc machine I would be all over it.

nice rig.

No. its a p e r f e c t PAL machine!:):thumbsup:

soooo, buy it? you know you want to :lol:

I agree this is a awesome machine.

30th August 2012, 16:26
I am offering a combo sale on this one combined with the sio2sd from Lotharek for 200 Euros including the shipping within Europe!

1st September 2012, 22:54
Declaring interest! Sending PM.

2nd September 2012, 12:06
PM replied, deal agreed. sent payment details.

2nd September 2012, 12:56
Payment done! :)

4th September 2012, 12:47
payment received, will ship the stuff tomorrow

6th September 2012, 16:12
Shipping done, will leave feedback when I am back home. Thanx for the nice deal

6th September 2012, 22:15
feedback left, thanks again, hope you enjoy this nice machine :-D