View Full Version : Closed Broadcaster Elite Board,Soundstage DSP professional,Ad516...

21st April 2008, 14:29
Broadcaster Elite Board with breakout box look http://www.amigis.nl/elite.html or http://www.amiga-hardware.com/
Soundstage DSP professional sound card for use with broadcaster elite.look http://www.amigis.nl/sstage.html or http://www.amiga-hardware.com/
Time base corrector TBC Plus with cables look http://www.amiga-hardware.com/
AD516 professional sound card (Ahi driver) can be used with broadcaster Elite
No split the pack

wait offers but i have in mind 850-1000 euros

7th May 2008, 13:51
are they still available or have they been snapped up? :D

what condition are they in? are they known to be working and in good order?

Many Thanks....

15th May 2008, 21:55
HOla ALice: if you change your mind, still have the hard & want to split..im very interested in the Broadcaster Elite. Do you have disks/manuals/cables for it??

Im in Argentina, so if you want, PM and we can discuss it furthermore in spanish



16th May 2008, 10:48
time was long ago, i paid 1,200UKP for the DBC32, and AD516, got an opalvision thrown in for free.

however, now i can't afford the money you're asking, so please, if you can sell to someone else, don't wait for me.
also, i will strongly recommend to any prosprctive buyer, as a previous DBC32 user, that you buy the soundstage aswell. you won't regret it if you do, but if you don't, you'll miss it as you start to use the digital broadcaster properly..