View Full Version : Closed Everdrive for Sega Game Gear

15th August 2012, 20:45
Hi all, i am looking for an everdrive for the Sega GG. after looking around I find them to be out stock and since I am impatient I know I'll end up spending the little spare cash I have available so wondered if anyone had one they want to sell. I don't care if it's cased or just the plain board as I have a donor cart.
Also if micro sd card is included its a bonus but if not I have one of those too.



15th August 2012, 20:51
Buy it direct from the maker he has them in stock on his site:


15th August 2012, 20:55
I didn't realise krikzz had them ready to go I thought they were built to order type thing.
Still I'll give it a day or two to see if anyone in the uk has one and maybe save a few pennies too but if not I'll order direct.