View Full Version : Closed Snes gamepads, Super Everdrive and Starfox 1(NTSC-U).

15th August 2012, 21:28
Searching for reasonably priced original Snes gamepads (I reckon two ought to be enough)

Looking for Super everdrive, preferrably with dsp-1. Has to be upgradeable to dsp-1 if it doesn´t have dsp-1. Interested about if you have only a dsp-1 upgrade kit for sale too if I can get to buy both the Super everdrive and dsp-1 kit at about the same time from different sellers.

Also looking for ntsc-u version of Starfox, preferrably with box but will consider offers of loose cart as long as it is in perfect working condition.

Thanks for looking and remember to send me a PM if you have something to offer. I may not be checking this thread very often!

16th August 2012, 08:17
Found Starfox.

Still looking for Super Everdrive and original gamepads. :coffee: