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17th August 2012, 18:43
Hi guys

Is there any way for transferring my c64 cmd fd2000 floppys on a usb pc diskdrive


as i need to copy some pictures i made on here

any help would be grateful

thanks john

17th August 2012, 18:51
John, no idea mate never had such great hardware. But it looks the catweasel at least for windows supports it: (but that is a pci card you need to get and an internal drive)


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Well ehumm normally usb floppy should be handled perfect over usb like it was connected to mobo - sou you could try this:


17th August 2012, 18:53
it claims to be 1581 compatible, i would assume then it'd work fine with XM1541 cables/adapters


17th August 2012, 19:52
thanks mate will look at 1581 program first

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there is a XU1541 interface usb on ebay too but wont link here search for it

17th August 2012, 20:11
oh yeah, i nearly forgot (since i dont have one)


is what you want. C= drives -> usb

17th August 2012, 21:22
I love the ZoomFloppy. It's what I use to transfer files from a 1571 to PC. It will most likely work with the FD-2000 so long as the disks are standard 1581 format. If you have High Density 1.6MB floppies that only the FD-2000 can read then I do not think the ZoomFloppy will work.

If you still have a C64 or C128 then I would just get a uIEC/SD or SD2IEC device then load up a file copier to copy from the FD-2000 to the SD card on the uIEC or SD2IEC. After that, just plug the SD card into your computer. Can't be much simpler and you don't have to attempt to get your computer to recognize the FD-2000. :thumbsup:

Good luck!


17th August 2012, 21:30
thanks guys

Heather i need a SD2IEC

i made the x1541 cable but my only laptop with parallel port decides not to boot will try tmoz nowthanks again

17th August 2012, 21:33
Heather i need a SD2IEC
They are worth every penny and make your C64 much more usable.

Let us know how it turns out.


18th August 2012, 17:04
There is a program that can write d81 images on floppy. To use that you'll need a legacy PC floppy and Simon Owen's dll. Can't remember the name of the program and whether it also reads stuff back to PC though.

Edit: Seems it was the 1581-copy in jvdbossc's post.

20th August 2012, 22:30
Omniflop reads 1581 floppies and writes them , worth a try if your pc has a built in floppy drive.

I've written 1581 images

20th August 2012, 22:36
thanks mike i just got an older pc with builtin floppy as only had a usb 1 will try thanks all

21st August 2012, 21:09
hi mike what format do you read as in omniflop as i cant see commodore

driver now installed

but now cant read images in vice :thumbsdown:

21st August 2012, 22:43
I had a bit of trouble finding 1581 , I don't think
It's listed as commodore , just 1581.

Not sure about vice mate .., sorry bit used it in ages

22nd August 2012, 07:10
In Vice, if you want to read d81 images, you have to change to 1581 in disk drives menu.

22nd August 2012, 07:27
Hi protek i did that also and still cannot read them

22nd August 2012, 07:32
Hmm, weird. Although when I tried it, it was a d81 image file created in PC and files were transferred to it with Star Commander or similar. Was yours created from a real disk with Omniflop? Does that need Simon Owen's FDRAW dll?

22nd August 2012, 07:34
Was yours created from a real disk with Omniflop? yes

Does that need Simon Owen's FDRAW dll? there is a floppy driver included and installed

i will have another play later after work

16th September 2012, 02:01
hi again i have a sd2iec now how to i copy a fd2000 disk to a d81 on the sd2iec :oops:

16th September 2012, 02:19

16th September 2012, 02:44
Here is a old link to A post I did..:thumbsup:



16th September 2012, 02:46
thanks guys will have a look