View Full Version : atrix 650t atx switching psu.

17th August 2012, 22:36
having some issues with this psu and i cant figure out..

all my power tests say that its pumping out the right cvoltages all the time "running occt shows a graph" but about 1ce a day it will for some un known reason shut down.. "power down like i pressed reset on the pc"

its puzzeling me.
i have cleaned it out so there are no fuzzles in it "although there was in the past"
it has a 120mm fan built in and has internal heat sinks, so i really dont think its a cooling issue.

the fact that it works fine for most of the day leads me to rule out caps as an issue..
But occasionaly it will fail to power all my hard drives. meaning the bios wont detect them. it has 2 12v rails for drives. and it dosent matter which one i use it cant power them all,..
Then all of a sudden it will say.. You know what I feel like playing ball now. and it will work again fo a nother day or so..

any way suffice to say i have pulled it from the system it was in and repaced it with a back up "250w" psu (lucky this system is a low power build)

so basically. does any one have any idea what i should start looking for.
Transistors not mounted on heat sinks properly ?
dodjy caps?
cos honestly i am prety puzzled with this piece of junk right now. and its becoming a bit of a pain in my neck.

I cant just sell it on. because some poor guy/girl may end up with it and i know even if i tell them the issue they will keep throwing out perfectly good hard disks thinking they are just dead..

18th August 2012, 00:09
Start checking the capacitors in the output area. Ones in the 12V rail are the usual suspects.