View Full Version : Closed Amiga 4000T + cyberstorm ppc 200-128ram

21st April 2008, 14:34
Original amiga A4000T with atx power supply ,cdrom ,uwscsi 9 gb hd with cables and active terminators
Cyberstorm ppc 604 200 Mhz +128 mb ram
i have in mind 1100 euros + ship
Can be include for good price two uwscsi 19 gb seagate hds and 40 gb seagate ide hd
100 euros more
and 68030 processor board
30 euros more
and hd floppy drive (amiga 3000T model)
40 euros more
and mini tower scsi with plextor scsi cdrom and scsi cdrw wirh scsi cables and terminators
150 euros more

21st April 2008, 14:48
@ AlicePPC


We don't allow offers on this site, as it causes price driving and is basically an auction. You need to state a guide asking price for this offer; you can always lower your price if nobody takes you up on your offer.



21st April 2008, 23:17
Would you be interested in selling the manuals / User guides separately ??

EDIT: I might also be interested in buying the PPC card ;)

27th April 2008, 02:19
how much are you asking for the original 030 board?

27th April 2008, 12:15
how much are you asking for the original 030 board?

I think he is after 30 euros. Not sure though, maybe thats 30 euros if you buy the first item.