View Full Version : Closed Caps for Amiga's!

18th August 2012, 13:56

Can anyone either supply me with or let me know the best place to buy caps for my A1200/A600/A4000's? I want to start recapping the ones that have some issues.

Many thanks!


18th August 2012, 14:25
I was planning the service myself, but I thought it was told it is scheduled by amibay, so I cancelled.

But that seems announced since march.

If I were you you can get the larger values (non smd) in a kit or seperate form ebay and the rest is all available on ebay as well:

4 x 100 uF 16V smd cap
5x 22 uF 25V smd cap
4 x 10 uF 16V smd depending on mobo.
2 x 47 uf 16V smd

The "fat" ones are

470 uF 2 times 16V
1000 uf 2 times 10 V

I could help you out, but that can take up to two weeks, since all my electronic parts are scheduled. (low on funds) (but ordering extra anyhow to cut on shipping)

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Cosmos is currently selling round 7 eu! Wich is good deal.

18th August 2012, 19:54
FOL of Amiga Kit said they might do cap kits in the future, if that is any help Steve?

23rd November 2012, 14:06
Therad closed as I will get the most awesome mjnurney to re-cap my boards :)