View Full Version : Derringer and Indivision ECS?

19th August 2012, 22:55
The Indivision ECS enhanced graphics drivers (HighGFX, HD720) won't load when booting from the 68030 on the A500 Derringer accelerator board. PAL and NTSC modes are available, and the indivision outputs these modes just fine.

But HighGFX and HD720 load just fine when booting from the 68010 plugged into the Derringer.

Is it because HighGFX and HD720 are being loaded into the 32-bit FastRAM?


After additional testing, it seems that it makes no difference if the Derringer is installed or not.

Even with the 68000 plugged into the motherboard, sometimes the Indivision drivers are loaded, and sometimes not. Weird.