View Full Version : Closed Looking for A590 or GVP A500HD8+

20th August 2012, 05:45
Ok, so since I built the A590 for my Buddy and he posted pictures of Facebook, I have been assigned another task of building a simular unit for another Client.

I am looking for an A590 or GVP A500HD+8. The unit needs to be:
A: Tested and working
B: FULLY populated with RAM.
To save on shipping costs to Canada, A power supply IS NOT needed especially if it Comes from Europe. Also, to save on shipping, A hard drive is NOT necessary.
The Client is NOT looking to spend over $100 Canadian including shipping. Thats about 81 Euros or about 64 GBP

I need to complete this by October, so the rush is not there yet.

20th August 2012, 10:48
I just wanted to add the following:
Before someone goes off and gets the wrong Idea:
I have just gone through Amibay rules.
I want to make it perfectly clear, I am NOT selling this for a profit elsewhere. I am facilitating a Friend of a friend to make a complete system for them. I am making Zero profit of this transaction. In fact, I am donating an A500 system for this.
The only posible infringment on the rules I can see is the following:

Unacceptable Behaviour

Members of AmiBay are part of a community site and are expected to act in the interests of the greater community in their actions on the site.

Acting in a manner that is contrary to the non-profit ethos of Amibay or the greater community interests may result in membership being suspended or revoked. Examples of unacceptable behaviour include the following:-
Non-declaration of Private Trader status upon signing up at AmiBay, if such status should apply to you.
Exploitation of members for the purposes of profiteering (i.e. buying goods on Amibay to sell on purely for a profit elsewhere).
Mis-representation of membership, e.g. charity, museum etc. when this is not the case.
Scammer activity (taking funds without sending goods, or gross mis-representation of an item for sale).
If you believe that a member is acting against the ethics or community interests of the site, you should report it to a staff member for possible investigation.

I am not reselling this, He is paying for it and ONLY what the actual price is.
I just wanted to make this clear, and again apologize on advance for any miss understanding.