View Full Version : Sold 2 sticks 1GB (2GB total) OCZ DDR2 800MHz dual channel memory

20th August 2012, 23:02
Hey guys, my older PCs motherboard just gave up the ghost, decided it's not worth replacing so selling the bits that do work separately...

Here is some performance DDR2 memory from OCZ. They have been tested in my uncles system to make sure everything is still fine. It is the platinum stuff, good timings, all as pictured.

Asking 15 posted in UK.


31st August 2012, 12:41
Price drop. :thumbsup:

15th September 2012, 13:57
@ 2 weeks - Bump! :thumbsup:

24th September 2012, 11:32
Further price drop! :thumbsup:

14th October 2012, 15:40

14th October 2012, 21:53
Declaring interest :-)


15th October 2012, 23:22
PM sent... :thumbsup:

18th October 2012, 17:21
Heard nothing from robert so far... Still interested?

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Just checked paypal and noticed you've paid! xD A PM would have been nice as I may not have noticed if I hadn't checked paypal.

I'll get these off to you as soon as poss. :thumbsup:

20th October 2012, 15:20
Hey Amineo, sorry for the delay, you know how it goes I'm sure :-) Thanks for sending.


23rd October 2012, 08:21
Course no probs!

Only just getting around to these today. I have been swamped sorting out projects and coursework and I've been ill at the same time so apologise for that. They will be with you within the next couple of days though as I'll send them first class this morning as soon as the postie opens :thumbsup:

Can't seem to get anything done when I'm ill. lol.

Any issues, let me know :)

All the best!

4th July 2013, 04:10
Any update on this thread?

5th July 2013, 04:09
Just spotted this, they were posted shortly after my last message, if I recall correctly they arrived fine or something would have been said before now... Will check feedback to see if it was left.

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Nope feedback wasn't left either side, but they were posted I'm certain of it. Not had any contact from him since.