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20th August 2012, 23:31
Hi all,

I have a HP G62 laptop , which was running alright until recently.

Symptoms: When you press the power button the CPU fan boots for about 4 seconds and stops, the DVD head can be heard moving to its start position, the power light stays on and the wifi light is red. There it stops, nothing else.

If I press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, rather than power off it seems to re-start as above. You can only power off by removing all power sources.

Today I installed a replacement motherboard, exact model and revision and I now get nothing at all, no signs of life what so ever!

Now the replacement could be faulty too, but was supplied as serviceable.

My question is: could a faulty CPU cause the different faults? I am fairly confused.




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20th August 2012, 23:32
Most of the times is a sign of busted capacitors, but even a locked HD can draw too much current from the power supply and so the machine stops booting.

Remove the HD & CD/DVD and try again. If no luck, remove one memory stick at a time to check if the machine starts.

If the machine have a slot-in graphics, remove it, clean the contact edge with a rubber eraser and insert back.

20th August 2012, 23:37
Hi there,

The graphics are onboard.

I have tried all that and get the same results.

With the original motherboard the fault as decribed originally

With the replacement motherboard, no life!


20th August 2012, 23:47
A faulty CPU will not allow the computer to boot at all.

A faulty PSU might show the problems you are seeing, followed by capacitors and memory sticks.

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21st August 2012, 00:00

PSU tried on another laptop OK. A good PSU tried, same faults.

From you last post I can assume that the replacement motherboard is dead as the same CPU has been transplanted between both motherboards?


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21st August 2012, 00:37
So all that is requiring a test is the HD, DVD and sticks.