View Full Version : Closed Indivision AGA for the A1200

21st August 2012, 00:30
Well, before I pull the trigger on an AGA MKII from Amigakit or Vesalia (since Amigakit keeps pushing back their ETA date for stock), was wondering if someone had one for sale. Wouldn't say no a MK1 since I don't want to deal with installing a fan for the MkII's overheating issues.

Price for the MKII from Amigakit is $159 or so without VAT to the USA, or about 100, so obviously would be looking to spend less than that by a bit. (Not trying to be an cheaparse about it, just don't want people to be wasting their time if they have one and need to recoup their VAT, etc., and I can get one new for less.)

21st August 2012, 19:57
Sorry lads, realized it's a bit unfair to expect people who paid the extra 20% or more for these things new to take a kick up the backside on their investments. Amigakit was showing them as being back in stock, so I ordered one up from them. (Hopefully it'll sort the nasty banding issues I've been having out!)

Mods, can you lock this up for me please?