View Full Version : Feasibility of A1200 Motherboard repair?

19th October 2009, 22:55
Hi all, i have a 1D.1 A1200 motherboard which last year i didn't have a keyboard for i followed some advice over at amiga.org on soldering to some chips on the motherboard and using an A500 keyboard.
Well that worked perfectly for the last year but this has now given up. I have tried another A500 keyboard but all i seem to get is ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
i cannot use an A1200 keyboard because as part of the process i had to remove 2 pins from a chip located at u13 and states commodore keyboard mpu on it.
My father would like an a1200 and i was going to give him this one but now it has keyboard problems it is pretty much rendered useless.
So my question is, could this chip be replaced somehow and the motherboard be made good again?



19th October 2009, 23:48

my friend, if you want I have a spare board, I can take the Keyboard MPU from and stick it on your board if you want... all I need is the mobo sent to me and I will sort it out for you =D

OR if you want I can remove the MPU from this board and post it you =D

no need to exchange pennies, you have certainly helped me out so its great to be in a position to help you my friend =D

19th October 2009, 23:51
Zeets thats a very fine offer my friend but i really don't think its a job for me. If your sure you don't mind and you have the spare time (i know your a very busy man) then could i post the board to you my friend?



20th October 2009, 00:04

I would honestly welcome the reprieve my friend =)

its a simple fix to be honest =)

do you need my address ?

20th October 2009, 00:06
If you don't mind my friend.


21st October 2009, 22:30
I recognize the subtext here...

"In the UK, we have PLENTY of 1200's!!! Gobs of them!!! Heck, we're tripping over them.... And if one gets damaged, we fix it for each other, no problem.. We're all friends and we all say "PLEASE" and "Thank you"!!! And we have royalty. All you have are the Osborne's, and we were glad to be rid of them!!! That'll teach you for breaking away!"

Fine! Rub it in!!!!!! :censored: :blink: :nuts: :laugh:


(Been a long week, and it's only halfway through.. )

21st October 2009, 23:42

I tell you what desiv,

I have a few dead / dying boards, I could prolly make a good working one from them, when I get the time I will build you one up and test it, then if you want it, you can have it for postage =D

22nd October 2009, 00:14
Don't forget, we have Tea as well. :D

22nd October 2009, 01:01
Living in the PNW, the "Tea" thing shouldn't get to me, as we have a coffee shop every 27 feet 6 inches by law. (Every 3rd has to be a Starbucks). :coffee:

To be honest tho, I don't drink coffee; I prefer tea.... :( (Although I usually drink soda...) :pint:

We just moved to the coast and lo and behold, there is a tea ..er.. place.. shop.. thing...
Of course, being in the U.S., it has to have a "cute" name. It's Serendipi-tea... :shrug:

Haven't tried it tho. They said something about reservations (for tea?), and I'm not that forward thinking. :blink:

As for the 1200, I can wait. I am having fun with the 500 right now and there's plenty to keep my busy on it.
I just got some (er... well, it's some...) disks for it.. :roll: OK, it was 500 of them...

OK, I've said I'm cheap, but I'm also impulsive.. It's a uniquely American combination created through the watching of generations of television commercials. I knew I needed floppies, but I wasn't going to pay $0.50 a disk.. Then I saw a buy-it-now for $0.10 per disk after shipping is considered. Nice!! But I had to buy 500 of them.
See, I saved money!!! I mean.. I spent more than I would have if I had bought what I needed, but... It was a great deal!!!
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Where was I? :blink: Oh yeah, floppies. I have plenty now, so I think the 500 will keep me going, even without a HD.

And there's the C64 I bought last week, and the floppy drive is on it's way, and that's taking some of my attention..

Been burning myself making a drive cable for it just now..
My soldering is a bit rusty.. and.. what? Yeah, I know I can buy a cable, but I'm not paying $10 with shipping for a cable, so I got the parts for $3, and after a few more burns and several hours, I MIGHT have a working cable..

See!!! It all makes sense!!!!

Hmmm.. Maybe I should use the "Off Topic" pic as an avatar for myself?


p.s. I'm not going to mention that you have icons for cofee drinking and soda (who drinks a PINT of soda? :^) but not for tea? Hmmmm...
p.p.s. Yes, I did have to look up PMSL.. Somehow, I missed that one in my online education. :-)

22nd October 2009, 05:07
Do you ever ear about dark beer like Guinness? :beer:

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4th December 2009, 12:40
Just a quick update to this thread.
The board was repaired perfectly by the flux mastah Zeets.
Unfortunately during the move over to VBulletin i managed to delete the pm containing the photos of the repair and i've now installed the board so i cannot show off his work.
Z if you still have the photos then come and show off your handy work.