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24th August 2012, 15:21
I am looking for a dust cover for an a1200. I am currently using a beige cover that I presume was for an a500 with my main miggy, but have been looking for something else for the other one.
The thing is, I really don't like the multi coloured vesalia ones, or the transparent amigakit ones. I quite like the old school beige ones like the one I have currently but would prefer a better fitted one if it exists, or am up for any other suggestions.
I realise (from reading around) that I am probably asking a lot.....

24th August 2012, 15:46

I have a nice grey cover from an A500 on my A1200 that I tuck under at the front, width wise it's an exact fit.

I've not seen any decent A1200 covers out there, just those aweful multi coloured ones.

Good luck!


25th August 2012, 09:14
Cheers - am following up an interesting lead in the states. Will post back with my progress in due course.

3rd September 2012, 15:23

I'm VERY interested too because as fitzsteve says there are only those ugly multi-coloured ones out there... which is something I can't understand when I see so many nice A600 dust covers.

Let us know.


3rd September 2012, 19:34
There is a guy whose Mrs makes the covers for lots of stuff - he is just trying to find a local a1200 to make sure she can get the fit spot on as he doesn't have one.
Pics of previous work look fantastic and custom logos etc can be done.

If/When it comes to fruition I will post pics and details here as I suspect there may be some pent up market demand.

4th September 2012, 00:12
Interesting... :roll:

Do you have a link of examples ?

4th September 2012, 15:40
Interesting... :roll:

Do you have a link of examples ?

This is where I found it:
Check the third pic down in first post for an a500 cover.

4th September 2012, 19:46
I've got this one from airey36 at evilbay. Maybe you can send him a message and ask if he has more in storage. :)