View Full Version : Closed Amiga 1200 / CD32 systems

25th August 2012, 11:51
Hi all,

I am looking to buy an Amiga 1200 system or an Amiga CD32 in good and working condition.

Especially for the Amiga 1200 It should be also good if console have installed and setup all these stuff (apologize I am not so familiar) you know blizzard accelerator, CF card, ROM 3.0-3.1 etc., so I could be able to play all Amiga games (Amiga 500 / 1200) from the CF card with the specific Amiga emulator.

I would appreciate normal prize offers

I am from Greece so in your PM message or post reply, I would appreciate if you could inform me also for the post charges for Greece - Athens.

Thank you very much in advance

Jon Hare
25th August 2012, 21:40
PM sent

29th August 2012, 22:00
Still searching for both consoles to buy