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26th August 2012, 00:31
Hi all!

I recently mounted the indivision ecs on my A500 system, so i want to configure device paratemeters. configure tool relased (Indivision ECS V101.lha (http://www.jschoenfeld.com/products/ECS/Indivision_ECS_V101.lha)) is just a .lha, but honestly I'm a bit confused on how to proceed. my only drive is a lotharek floppy emulator, so i can unpack .lha using 7zip on windows, then? from windows i don't see file in adf or other format that i can convert to .hfe for floppy emulator. can someone tell me how can i execute this tool? thanks very much to help me:)

26th August 2012, 07:24

make a blank adf in winuae and copy the unpacked files to that then convert to hfe

or if you want it bootable use a wb disk and (delete whats not needed if not enough space) copy files over then convert to hfe

26th August 2012, 10:19
thanks Johnim to help me:) now i understand, let's try:):thumbsup: