View Full Version : Closed CDTV Roms & 68KIDE + Kickstart Switch

26th August 2012, 19:00
Hi Im looking to upgrade my CDTV to run WHDLOAD.

I already have a ceramic 68010 processor.
I am waiting for an Kipper 8mb RAM board

but am also looking for the following:


2.3 odd even chips (received from PIACC)
Kickstart Rom switcher + 3.1 and 1.3 (will be getting from PIACC)
8MB KIPPER2K RAM (I need something to raise this so it fits in the CDTV or look at other options including HIKEY 4MB CDTV card)


HIKEY 4MB RAM Board (he has none in stock, does anyone have a spare or one they dont need?) - I know it wont work with the Kipper2k but looking at potentially using this as it designed especially for the CDTV.
IDE68K - Does anyone have one of these??? (or can make one for me?)

26th August 2012, 20:04
i have tested 2.7 extended rom with kick1.3 and are ok but you want use ide68k

ide68k need update 2.05 37.350

nothing switch

the cd-rom with 2.7 work perfect

26th August 2012, 22:07
2,3er ROMs for CDTV i have, interessted, write pm

26th August 2012, 22:18
I have the 2.3 boot roms installed and use them with kickstart 3.1, all including CDTV functions works fine! ;)

26th August 2012, 22:31
the 2.30 work fine if the cdtv have an external floppy

26th August 2012, 22:47
there are no 2.3 roms, only 2.30 (thirty). (and 2.7/2.9, but these are older)
They work fine also without a floppy drive, but the CDTV splashscreen will turn red. (only visible if no CD is inserted)

26th August 2012, 22:53
there are no 2.3 roms, only 2.30 (thirty). (and 2.7/2.9, but these are older)

You are right mate, I mean 2.30! :Doh:

27th August 2012, 00:23
so the 2.30 will work with whdload and ide68k and the cd drive will work fine?

27th August 2012, 02:32
Short answer: yes. :nod:

4th September 2012, 20:08
Hi all

I have ordered the ROMS from PIACC as well as a kickstart switch. Thank you all for replying.

(Ive sent a PM to you AMIGAGTI)

It was more convenient for me to get everything in one package.

The only thing left is an IDE68K and for Kipper2k to reply to my request for an 8mb ram board.

4th September 2012, 20:21
payment ok and small packet sent

3rd October 2012, 16:45
I received the odd-even chips (works great) and rom switcher but there was a problem with the ROM switcher so PIACC is sending another one.:thumbsup:

Still looking for an IDE68K and Hikey 4MB RAM board.