View Full Version : A3000, 4x kickstart socket version

27th August 2012, 03:21
I bought an A3000 off of eBay. This is a version 8.something mobo, with 4x kickstart sockets.

Here is where is gets interesting, for me at least. It came with kickstart 2 installed in the furthest two sockets.

But Kickstart 3.1 will only work in the closest two sockets.

28th August 2012, 20:02
Afaik, each of the 2 banks of sockets are for different rom chip pinouts - sounds reasonable that your kick 2 and 3.1 might be different kinds..

30th August 2012, 08:29
The other sockets are for a different type of ROMs (developer ROMs) So a regular 27C200 or 400 ROM will not work in there. (regular Kickstart ROM chips that all Amigas use)

31st August 2012, 17:41
Interesting. So this A3000 from eBay has developer ROMs.