View Full Version : Good sites for laptop HD's?

27th August 2012, 14:16
I havn't had much luck with hard drives with the one I got not so long ago has failed in a matter of a few days so I am looking to see if there are some reliable sites out there selling either new or guaranteed drives preferably 320GB+. eBay is either overprices (new ones that is) or if used, the sellers cover their backsides by saying "untested" etc.

Anyone here know of a good source?

27th August 2012, 14:29
Scan, aria, E-buyer, off the top of my head.

Untested on ebay in my experience means broken, bought a 120gb hdd for my xbox off there, and it was clicking like mad whenever it was given power.

27th August 2012, 14:38

CCL have some reasonable prices:)

27th August 2012, 17:31
Thanks guys im checking them out. :)

27th August 2012, 18:56
Could also try www.overclockers.co.uk Don't know what theyre like these days though. I use them and Ebuyer, mostly ebuyer the last few years. :thumbsup:

Let's also not forget www.amazon.co.uk, theyre always worth checking no matter what you're after, even for PC parts.

27th August 2012, 19:24
my main ones are Scan, aria, E-buyer

29th August 2012, 14:31
Managed to bag a 500Gb WD one for a tenner less then half a ton (if you know what I mean ;)). Thanks guys for the help, I would close this but I guess it would be preffered to be kept open...