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28th August 2012, 09:31
Calling out to the xbox classic experts here :)

On one of my original xboxes, the drive won't open with the casing (top) on, but open's fine if I remove it. Seems like the electro magnets aren't letting go or something? Anyone had similar issues?

28th August 2012, 10:01
It's most likely to be down to a worn drive belt inside the drive.

If the drive isn't under pressure, the drive belt has just enough grip to drive the gears and open the drawer, but with the case closed, the small amount of extra pressure causes the belt to slip, so that the drawer doesn't open.

I've seen this on a lot of PC DVD-ROM drives too, so it's quite common. In the UK, Maplin sell replacement drive belts for DVD drives, so you may have something similar in Denmark.

There is always a certain auction site (*cough*) that may have replacement drive belts.

28th August 2012, 10:03
DVD drives don't have electromagnets AFAIK :)

It's the physical blockage issue. The roof of the DVD drive has been bent in when you put the lid back on at one time and now the spindle on it's roof collides with the tray.

Happens to me a lot. If you're lucky it's not permanent and you can just juggle the plastic innards until the dvd sits a little lower.

Worst case you'll have to bend back the metal of the roof of the DVD drive. Take care as for me, that procedure resulted in a 50:50 chance of the drive never working again with the case lid on.

28th August 2012, 10:19
I just tested with a disc in the drive, which works perfectly, so unfortunately neither sound very plausible in this case:(

@alexh: Afaik, the top spindle that holds the disc in place is "sucked in" via magnetism.

28th August 2012, 12:35

make the dvd player eject, then pull the power out of your xbox so the xbox is off but the drive is still open.

strip the drive down.

throw the drive belt in boiling hot water for 15 mins.. "boil the water put it in a mug, then put the belt in that"

look at the top casing of the dvd drive and you will see a small mettal disk in a plastic casein.
glue some thin card to the mettal disk. (it has to be pretty darn thin no thicker than a playing card preferably thinner)

wait for the glue to dry and, dry off the belt.

re assemble the drive. put it back in the xbox and turn it on. and let the xbox close the tray for you..

job done..

if your dvds make a funny noise when they are in there the card you used was too thick.
if the dvd's dont make a noise when in there but it wont eject without a dvd in the tray, then the card is to thin.

I will say you have a samsung drive.

as mentioned its the drive belt..
Puting it in bioiling water helps it regain its original shape. You can also try and tease it back to a circle provided you keep it hot with the water.

you can if your lucky find a bag full of elastics for hair in teenager girl shops. these things are really cheap and you get lots and are exactly the same size.

we could blame the elastic alone but the magnets in the sammy drives are a bit stronger than needed so we want to weaken there effectiveness with the card. This helps a lot and also helps the belt stay in a functional condition longer.

28th August 2012, 12:40
Ok, will do. Cheers :)

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28th August 2012, 14:16
i have a similar issue with mine, where the drive opens but shuts straight away again. takes up to 20 times for it to stay open, but then you get the problem of it opening straight away once it shuts.

any ideas on how to fix?

28th August 2012, 17:19
sounds like your drive tray is not sat on the runner correctly..

Quick question though..

if your unplug your xbox form the power..
when you plug it back in do you need to turn it on by pressing a button. or does it automatically come on?

28th August 2012, 17:45
i cant remember now, since it started playing up i packed it away, was about a year ago. will have to get it out at some point and fix it up as it has all my emus on there.

if its ok when i get round to getting it out can i message you?

28th August 2012, 21:30
more than welcome too.
Just hope i have cleared out my pm box by then lol. its getting pretty full.

13th September 2012, 19:50
The drive belt in the hot water bit did the trick. Thanks ShambleS!

13th September 2012, 20:20
i would still recoomend trying to weaken the attraction of the magnets. this happens in samsung drives more often than other drives because the magnet is so strong. so the belts tend to slip a bit before they manage to open the drive..
weakening the attraction between the magnet and the retaining plate will mean that the fix lasts a LOT longer.