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29th August 2012, 15:14
Hi guys i got myself a new emulation system

Celeron 430 1.8ghz socket 775 can go to q6600 looking at a few sites
may put in a e5200

was 512mb but now 4gb ddr2 800

has a ati 4350 in

dvd rom

i just stuck a 320gb sata 2 hd in with win 7

http://s5.postimage.org/9tce1p2tf/20120829_123641.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/9tce1p2tf/)http://s5.postimage.org/9umbv44n7/20120829_123652.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/9umbv44n7/)http://s5.postimage.org/npkmdkz2b/20120829_123706.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/npkmdkz2b/)

does this need beefing up or what would you suggest to do

i was wondering what you guys were using eg frontend/emulators

cheers john

29th August 2012, 15:19
John, i'd say stay as you are, and give it a go. Try mame without a frontend first, so you can verify your gear is adequate then make your decisions.
I've had mame running with much less powerful machines.
So long as you're not after some of the latest games with better graphics and resolutions, i think you'd be fine.:thumbsup:

29th August 2012, 15:21
yea she seems ok

using mamui32

cheers :thumbsup:

need other emus on it

29th August 2012, 19:23
Well, if you intend to use more emulators, then it's time for a proper frontend... One that will gather them all under one ehhmm.. roof.
There's plenty around, i've opted for Maximus Arcade. http://www.maximusarcade.com/

29th August 2012, 19:34
cheers will have a look