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29th August 2012, 16:11
I just snagged an A2000 of of flea bay, that the seller was selling for parts.
the system expansion check says a bad board manufacturer 514 product 10.
I have been hunting for a list, but I cant find anything that corresponds to this.
I see that it has a Commodore A2058 board in it, and I think that one of those chips is bad.
Any ideas/help?

30th August 2012, 01:15

If no A2091, indeed it is the A2058. Probably a memory chip with a broken lead.

30th August 2012, 01:27
I know its hard to believe, but it has both the A2091 and the A2058 I will find out tomorrow when I pick it up, I believe it also has an A2088 in it, from what I can see in the picture

30th August 2012, 01:34
This is the only clue I have for now (hey the price was right and I am getting a second A2000 thrown in for nothing).
I believe that slot one is the A2091, the second slot has an A2058 and the last slot I can see at the top looks like a A2088. The seller says he doesn't have a clue whats inside.
Looks like that is correct, the A2088 is 413,1
The second machine is boxed also, but boots only to a white screen, I will takle that when I can see it better.

30th August 2012, 03:24
I bet on the A2091. One RAM chip might get broken a broken leg (they often do) and that's why it shows as defective.

Push the SCSI controller out, set the RAM size to 0k (you'll see when you check the card) and reinsert.

If all good, push the card out again and start to search for one RAM chip with a snapped off pin.

30th August 2012, 04:06
Thanks rkauer,
I will be trying that:thumbsup:
at least now I know where to go for those numbers, I did a google search for about an hour and nothing really came up.

30th August 2012, 05:37
I just remembered Amiga Hardware Database have an autoconfig.ID search function, so I go there.

Not that I didn't knew already that 514 is C= because the number of C= gear passed through my hands.

2nd September 2012, 21:51
Spot on rkauer!
the 2091 was the culprit. Replaced with GVC 4008 and she boots no problem now.