View Full Version : A3000 on board SCSI, max HDD size supported?

30th August 2012, 01:22
I bought one of those 4GB SCSI drives that you see advertised on EBay. AmigaOS is now reporting bad blocks after three weeks of light use.

Is there a tool that can be used to check the sectors and mark the bad ones?

What is the maximum size drive supported using the on board SCSI on the A3000? Is this 4GB, like the 600/1200/4000 IDE?


30th August 2012, 01:27
Are you using workbench 3.1 ?
Try Os3.9
Maybe the problem is scsi.device / fastfilesystem too old.
Try another scsi HDD

Pedro :thumbsup:

30th August 2012, 01:41
I am using WB3.1, with I think BetterWB installed. I guess I could update to the latest FFS and see if things improve.

30th August 2012, 03:30
If you update the file system you must reformat (and lose everything already installed).

If the drive is starting to show bad blocks this have several causes, some totally unrelated.

-real old and untrusted HD with real bad blocks. Install and run Quarterback Tools or DiskSalv and mark bad blocks while repairing file system structure;

-bad power supply or poor HD power connection;

-bad power supply filtering (aka capacitor plague);

-incorrect or defective termination on the SCSI chain.

30th August 2012, 08:26
yeah I would do a low level format to map out bad blocks. 4GB drives should be the limit and work on 3.1

31st August 2012, 23:00
Regarding termination:

The internal SCSI cable has an active terminator on the end. And I have put an active terminator on the external SCSI connector.

I haven't checked what the drive is set to.

1st September 2012, 15:22
It's a good idea to check termination on both the mobo and drive. Some drives have TE and TP jumpers so check that as well.

Also, you need to have both a Filesystem and scsi.device update for >4GB partition support. Older scsi.device can be NSDpatched but you still have to boot from a <4GB partition unless an updated scsi.device is in ROM.

1st September 2012, 17:11
I'll check the drive.

The passive terminator is missing from the mobo, removed by the previous owner no doubt. An active external terminator is supposed to do a better job, so I have read.

1st September 2012, 17:28
As far as I know there is no limit to the size of the drive, I run a 18,2GB on my 3000T which is the same controller.
I'm running OS3.9.
Partition sizes however should be limited to around 3,5GB with FFS in use.

I'm using an active terminator also, but that has more to do with running an SCA80 on it.
Normal 50 pins harddrive require only TP set on the drive if that is the only unit (note: no external scsi devices connected).