View Full Version : A3000 SIMM -> ZIP schematic...?

30th August 2012, 05:17
I'm looking to build a SIMM to ZIP adapter for my a3k, as much for fun/learning as for functionality.

I'm working through the schematics now, but was wondering if anyone has an existing schematic they'd share with me? Looking to be able to use 1, 4, 8 MB SIMMs.

I know that there's at least one person who offers them for sale here, but I'm looking to A) learn a bit along the way, and B) get one that's physically arranged to my liking.


30th August 2012, 05:39
You meant like this (http://aminet.net/package/docs/hard/zip2simm1.1)? :-D

30th August 2012, 05:50
Yes! It's weird; I did a search on aminet for this, and found another item (http://aminet.net/docs/hard/PS2_adapter.lha). Looks like I was using too selective of a search.

That one is using 30-pin SIMMs, which I do have some of, but I may have more 72-pin simms to choose from. But, it's a good start. There's also some other SIMM conversions on aminet I'll check out.


3rd September 2012, 22:29
30-pin simms are 8 bit, so you will need 4 times as many simms on your board if you go that route ;)