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30th August 2012, 10:15

I have the above card (well actually 2 of them) and they do not have FPU's. Now I realise that for my use an FPU will make virtually no difference, however from a completeness point of view, it would be nice to have the full monty so to speak.

Is it simply a case of buy the correct rated (50mhz) 68882 FPU and fit it, or does anything else need to be added to the board etc?

Would be grateful for any advice here.


30th August 2012, 10:17
its simple..just put a fpu in and gain....nothing. its just a waste of money. :)

30th August 2012, 10:48
I know - I know.
But its an empty socket on the board.
One of my cards has all the trimmings (box, manual, everything it came with etc) and I would just like it to be complete. After all, if I was being rational then I doubt I would be here.....:D


30th August 2012, 11:25
You have to be carefull if you get one from ebay. Most of the times the do come from China and they are reprinted slower models and not actual 50MHz ones...

30th August 2012, 11:30
Would that just not work, or damage the card itself?
Is there any way I could tell?

30th August 2012, 15:44
If it makes you feel good to have a complete board then go for it I say :thumbsup: (I'm somewhat the same).

You never know you might want to get into a different part of computing later on e.g. 3D graphics that would benefit from an FPU.

All the best.

30th August 2012, 15:53
You have to be carefull if you get one from ebay. Most of the times the do come from China and they are reprinted slower models and not actual 50MHz ones...

From what I've listen all PGA 68882 FPU's will run fine at 50mhz independent of the speed marking on the chip (25,33 or 40).

30th August 2012, 16:16
I have rarely seen any claiming to be 50mhz, only usually 25 or 40 so wasnt sure if they would be suitable.

30th August 2012, 18:09
Quite a few demos (http://ada.untergrund.net/) make use of an FPU, that's reason enough to have one IMHO. :)

31st August 2012, 02:42
All FPU are the same, internally. Most of the time Motorola simply mark them as 25/33/40 to ship to buyers.

A few will not run at the higher speeds because they were tested and failed, so it's a lottery if the lower speed units will work @50MHz.

Most of the times, they will.

Now, just for the couple of demos and the only one game (TFX, a crappy port of a pc game) that use the FPU, that FPU not worth the cost.

31st August 2012, 10:52
With the Amiga equipped with an FPU, I would humbly suggest a small purchase of HSMath libraries (http://www.hsmathlibs.de/index_e.html).

Its a very small registration fee and will improve the overall processing speed of your system(s). this also takes advantage of updating FPU routines etc - IMHO well worth the small investment.

While a lot of software really doesn't need or use an FPU, its nice to have, However if you want to have a dabble with productivity software then there is quite a lot of software that will make use of the FPU, especially graphics 2D and 3D.

For me the FPU is the cherry on the top of the cake - while mostly pointless for 90% of the software - it sure make the cake look better and adds just a little sweeter taste =)

As rkauer has pointed out Motorola were notorious in labelling their products, literally just labelling items to meet demand!

The PLCC varients of the FPU from 25Mhz and up are generally the same die from 1998 - these clock to 50Mhz, the PGA varients can be a bit tricky pending on when they are manufactured, if you can get a latent FPU then its most likely going to clock to 50Mhz - I have not had a 40Mhz component that hasn't yet.

25 and 33 MHz rated components can be a bit hit and miss and I would humbly avoid 16MHz rated components as these are simply too old.

31st August 2012, 11:30
For completeness - I like this attitude. I smell Amiga spirit here :)

31st August 2012, 22:41
For completeness - I like this attitude. I smell Amiga spirit here :)

I fear it has indeed infected me......:whistle:

3rd September 2012, 19:38
Ah well, price shot up and a brief moment of common sense overcame me so I didnt get it.

I have one that came with one of my Blizzards but separately as the previous owner said he tried it but only ended up with a yellow screen.
I am awaiting one of those nice little extraction tools in the post before I try it myself.

3rd September 2012, 21:33
You could always buy another Blizzard 1230-IV with a working FPU and then sell one of yours.. Although the serial number wouldn't match up with the box. In that case you could just swap the FPU over with the tool.