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30th August 2012, 16:25
I am selling this cased sio2sd from Lotharek,
it was rarely used and works fine. It has the latest firmware and you can start right away.

Please tell me if you need some stuff for filling a SD-card, I can supply a link.

I would like to have 65 Euro for it.

If you buy this one and the 130 xe I am selling together, then you will get both for 200 including the shipping within Europe!.


Buyer needs to pay the paypal fee and the shipping from Germany, I will send worldwide.

There still is a special offer for small parcels from DHL right now (till october 30th), so sending to European-Countries is 8.60 Euros + 3 Euros for insurance up to 50 (not 65 Euros) and tracking = 11.60 Euros

Shipping within Europe as insured and trackable parcel is 15 Euros.

If you dare I could also send as letter.

Text grabbed from the Lotharek homepage:

Sio2sd is a device that allows you to load games/applications into 8-bit Atari computers via SIO interface from SD/MMC cards.

Device abilities:

Works with SD/MMC (FAT12,FAT16 and FAT32 formats
Handles ATR (rw), XFD (ro) and COM/XEX (ro) file types
16x2 LCD display allows to "walk" catalog tree and choose files to load
Handles SIO with turbo (allows to set speed index from 1 to 16, default is 6 (69kb/s), in versions 1.x speed index was always 10 (51kb/s))
All densities with 128B and 256B sectors, including 16MB disks
Handles drives d1 to d8 (up to version 1.2 only d1 to d4 drives were available)
Can be configured using ATARI (it's possible to load configuration tool directly from MCU flash memory, so no SD card is needed)


You have to format (FAT) SD card using computer
In root directory create ATARI folder. In this folder you can place folders and files. This is the start folder for SIO2SD. It's a good idea to use folders with up to about 100 files than one big folder with many, many files.
On the first use of a new formatted card SIO2SD will create SIO2SD.CFG file in root directory, where configuration will be stored (files to disks mapping).
Note: the directory named ATARI must be present on the card or else SIO2SD won't recognize the card and won't perform the upgrade.


K1: next atari drive (D1,D2,..)
K2: next file/folder
K3: parent directory (cd ..)
K4: go to folder/map file to current atari drive
SHIFT+K2: firmware upgrade
SHIFT+k4: turn off current atari drive ("eject disk")


sio high speed

hsindex from 1 to 16 (6 is the default setting)

cfg tool load (when to override D1 to load configuration program)

startup+shift - only when SHIFT was pressed during startup (power on)
every startup
no card - only if SD card is not inserted (default setting)
shift pressed - SHIFT always cause D1 override (tested on every SIO 'S' command on D1 - available from version 2.2)

LED mode (meanig of LEDs)

SD read/write - first LED shows SD reads, second LED shows SD writes
SIO read/write - first LED shows SIO reads, second SIO writes
SD act/SIO act - first LED shows any SD activity, second any SIO activity

device id (number of device for SIO2SD.XEX - available from version 2.2)

values from 0 to 3

write protect (write protection in ATR files - available from version 2.2)

never - ATR's are always R/W (write protect flag ignored)
obey ATR flag - obey ATR write protect flag - default
always - ATR's are always R/O

1st September 2012, 22:38
I will take it! Sending PM.


2nd September 2012, 12:07
PM replied, sent payment details. Thanks for buying Calavera

2nd September 2012, 12:58
Payment done!

4th September 2012, 12:46
payment received, will send out tomorrow

6th September 2012, 16:13
Shipping done, will leave feedback when I am back at home. Enjoy this fine device :-)

6th September 2012, 22:14
feedback left, thanks for the nice deal