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31st August 2012, 20:46
a friend has an immaculate boxed "desktop dynamite" A1200 but its dead, shame as its bright white (even the psu), all original disks manuals even the reciept and warranty cards.

when you power up nothing happens appart from the "caps lock" key flashes once.

no other life.

before i break the seal to open it up is it worth me even looking to see anything obvious or is it in need of an expert ??

I have tried another PSU same fault.

31st August 2012, 20:53
This A1200 probably is one ESCOM A1200 with 3.1 ROM and no HD installed.

Since an A1200 with no HD and 3.1 ROM will wait a bit more than 30s to check if a HD is installed, turn it on and wait for a bit less than a minute.

After this little time the machine will show the "feed me" animated boot screen.

If nothing, surely you'll have to check if there is a problem inside.

31st August 2012, 21:05
no this is an original 3.0 A1200 from the workbench and books supplied, also the date of the games for it is around 1992-1993.

there is no power led, no drive click, no video output, just the caps lock flashes once.

31st August 2012, 22:56
some errors for you


31st August 2012, 23:59

was a loose or bad connection.

i unplugged keyboard , fdd , roms , re-connected all and hey presto. playing sensible soccer 2 mins later no problems.

he did say it was in his loft for 15-20 yrs. :)

close thread thanks.

1st September 2012, 00:06
hi mate great news

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