View Full Version : Closed A1200 stuff (From USA or Canada)

6th September 2012, 17:55
I never seem to have much luck with these wanted threads, but I will give it a go.
I am looking for the following stuff for an A1200.
a memory expansion (until the ACA1220 comes in)- 4 megs is fine, not looking to spend over $50 USD.
A squirrel SCSI/ CD rom or simular PCMCIA adapter.- Again, not looking to spend over $50 USD
an Indivision 1200 card (MK1) - not willing to spend over $120, I know I can get a Mk2, but I will never use HDMI or DVI on it, so a Mk1 is just fine and preferred.

Again, FROM THE US OR CANADA to keep shipping down (unless you wish to wave or include shipping in Price)
I can trade a A2000 for the following, that I am in the process of restoring. (rev 6.2, 3.1 roms new battery hack, no mobo damage). if interested pm for more info

4th October 2012, 18:37