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27th October 2009, 00:30
I have a bunch of these 8-pin on each side DIPs pulled from an apple 2GS. They say: MALAYSIA 9015 S1012888 HM51256P-8

27th October 2009, 02:17
HM51256P-8 is 256kb x 1-bit static column memory, 80ns access time 16-pin dual in line (DIL) chips. Dunno if it is used in Amiga expansions...

Maybe on some very early expansions...

Oh, here comes the datasheet: Linky linky :mrgreen: (http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/129856/HITACHI/HM51258P-8.html)

27th October 2009, 02:20
Hiyas Dreamy

what you have there I belive are the following -

16Pin DIP 80ns 262144 x 1bit Static Column RAM from Hitachi

The exact designation I found was "HM51258P-8" now you state "HM51256P-8" is it possible that you mis-read the chip data?

if not then it might not be static column ram, but the above is the best I can find thus-far. if you contact Hitachi and see if they can provide you the data-sheet for the HM51256P-8

Here is the data-sheet that I have found (http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/129856/HITACHI/HM51258P-8.html)

my good friend rkauer beat me to it =D

27th October 2009, 02:26
nope it says HM51256P-8. I wasn't planning on use in a miggy per se, but the ATi Mach32 and other boards, like if I get an A3000.