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7th September 2012, 10:18
I just got the urge to play wasteland, since I'll be playing the second soon enough and I'm in the mood for some good old fashioned tactical combat rpg.

So I ask the AmiOracle: which version should I play and why?

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9th September 2012, 03:15
I've played and finished the C64 version and the PC Version. Both are very similar. I think you'll find whatever version you have and are able to run would do the job. There is a bit more messing around with DOSBox to get it running on the PC. Also you could then play EA's butchered second to Wasteland called Fountain of Dreams on PC (I never bothered with this even though I have it).

12th September 2012, 09:30
Thanks. I'll see which one I can get for less, then.

No one else played this classic??

12th September 2012, 20:59
LOVED the game, was one of my favorites as a kid. I had it on both the C64 and PC (an old 8088 IIRC). I can't recall exactly why I preferred the PC version, may have been due to the speed of the HD vs floppies on the 64. One of these days I plan to dust off that old PC and give it another whirl, if it still works that is. :cool:

13th September 2012, 05:25
I've finished the PC version on a CGA;what looks best is a PC with EGA pastel colors(16), although the c64 version has an intro I liked to watch.
Currently started again running Wasteland PC version on android thru turbobox, works well except the sfx :lol: