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7th September 2012, 11:13
Hi All!

I'm wondering if anyone is interested in a trade, I want another CSPPC to replace mine that died and I'm willing to trade (straight swap) my own fully working BPPC & BVision setup.

BPPC is 040/25mhz and PPC side is 175mhz :ninja:

Both are in the original state and never modified :)


BPPC is fully loaded with 256mb Ram :cool:


Installed in my A1200 for testing:


Here are some screen shots of everything working:





And a short Video of Wipeout2097 running :cool:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lcFbzntvrk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lcFbzntvrk)

Also booting OS4.1 Classic:


So to recap I want a straight swap for CSPPC 060/200 or if you have upgraded CSPPC (060/PPC363) I will pay for this BPPC to be upgraded by Stachu to 060/PPC330mhz. (at my cost!)

This BPPC is without SCSI. It comes with Disks and Mauals.

Please let me know if you want to trade!



ps. if it helps, maybe I have some other spare hardware to sweeten the trade ;)

14th September 2012, 11:23
Just to update I'm having the BPPC upgraded by Stachu (060 latest mask & PPC 330mhz), I will still be willing to trade but would expect at least a CSPPC with 200+mhz PPC pref one upgraded by the man himself!

I can still add other small items to the trade if it will help seal the deal! Bare in mind I wont have them back for a couple of weeks!

10th October 2012, 10:28
Bump as I have the BPPC/BVision back in my possesion now.

BPPC is now 060/66 (latest mask) and PPC330mhz - Upgrade was done by the Guru himself, Stachu.

I will provide some screen shots, photo's and a Video if anyone is interested.

As above I'm looking for at least CSPPC 060 with PPC 200mhz, straight swap! If you have CSPPC upgraded by Stachu to 363mhz PPC then I will add some other hardware or extra funds :thumbsup:

19th October 2012, 10:32
Closing thread due to lack of interest :whistle: