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7th September 2012, 12:49
I have recently acquired a Megachip Two by Power Computing along with an A2000 and some other gear. Can someone tell me the difference if there is one, between the Megachip and the Megachip Two?

All of the photographs i've seen of Megachips have one wire with a crocodile clip coming off it, but this one has four wires and clips and are different colours - the manual I have tells you what pins to connect them to on the Gary chip (it also has a manual correction sheet giving different pins for them lol).

Can someone in the know bring me up to speed on this bit of hardware please?

7th September 2012, 13:39

take some pics and I (or others) can inform you better =)

While I suspect its just a different Agnus pin-out and while most would think it mundane - I would like to know a lot more about it =)

7th September 2012, 16:20
Some pics added