View Full Version : Closed Squirrel SCSI (or Surf Squirrel)

10th September 2012, 20:07
My 1200 needs to talk to external peripherals, so I'm willing to pay top $ for either one of these. Can you please quote shipping to USA 03087?

10th September 2012, 20:16
Hi. i have a squirrel scsi pcmcia adapter and a scsi cdrom in enclosure.:D

10th September 2012, 20:23
That's exactly what I'm after.

Not so much the CD-ROM but the PCMCIA SCSI adapter. However, if they're only for sale together, I will take both. Shipping might be expensive though.

Care to quote me a price? Do it via PM if you like.


10th September 2012, 21:40
If there is no deal with owen, I have a squirrelSCSI with driver and jazztools flopy :)

11th September 2012, 11:24
I am selling one. You can check it out here (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?p=362980#post362980).

14th September 2012, 19:54
Deal made with Marton, funds recieved, shipping in 30 minutes :thumbsup: