View Full Version : Closed Video cable for GBS-8220 board

11th September 2012, 16:20
Hi there Amibayers!

I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I purchased a GBS-8220 (link (http://www.jammaboards.com/store/cga-ega-yuv-to-vga-arcade-hd-converter-pcb-gbs-8220-gbs-8220.html)) board a while ago,and tried to recycle an old RGB monitor cable by soldering its pins to the board cables, but unfortunately the result hasn't been very successful since the video quality I get is really poor.

I have been following some threads related to making cables for this board, but since I can't get hold of the 23 pin d-sub and my soldering station is broken.

I am wondering if there would be someone interested on creating a cable for me.

Please get in touch!


14th September 2012, 14:21
Problem sorted. Please close this thread