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11th September 2012, 23:03
Hi Group,

I have an Amiga A500 keyboard with a broken key. It is the hollow 'Amiga' key. But, I have another A500 and want to 'swap' a good key into this keyboard. So, without unnecessarily muscling it off and breaking it, is there an easy way to remove the key from the black plastic keyboard base? Thanks for any help!



11th September 2012, 23:37
Get a small screwdriver (not crossed one), and try to take out the key from one side. Don't force it as there is a possibility to break the key (can happen though). It's easy, but it needs a little bit of patience. Beware of the spring that will come out though. :D

11th September 2012, 23:39
I found one of these years ago cheap.
Works great.


(Not endorsing the specific product of vendor. It's a google hit and looks almost identical to mine)

12th September 2012, 01:14
Hi Group,

A small flathead screwdriver and some gentle rocking on one side, then the other, did it! Careful and firm twisting and lifting multiple times was the right way and not too much pressure. Of course, as careful as I was, the spring ended up in my lap. Whew...
Now on to swapping it into my other A500!

Regards and Thanks,


12th September 2012, 13:11
If anyone finds a UK seller that sells keycap pullers I'd be interested. I've taken of keys from an Amiga with no problems, but it's still a scary experience with the amount of force that is required.

I've seen people make them using paper clips which seems an interesting idea.

12th September 2012, 14:26
I just use a kitchen knife. A putty knife would probably be even better. You just need something to pop the keycap off the stand. So long as you take care, you should be fine. I've certainly never had any problems.