View Full Version : Portable tv for a600 w/indy ecs

12th September 2012, 11:45
since the a600 is compact and all that, i'd like to lug it around. however, my smallest LCD is still pretty significant in size (19" old dell)

So.. any idea on smaller one? Since i got the indy ecs, it doesn't need to do 15khz but need to do vga though.

12th September 2012, 14:11
I use something like this http://www.amazon.de/Touchscreen-Monitor-VGA-Einbaurahmen-Media/dp/B0033R4LPM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1347455213&sr=8-1 on my Amtrad CPC.
I don't have this exact one (Mine doesn't have the touchscreen), but they work great as long as you don't want to do a lot of serious wordprocessing.


12th September 2012, 14:19
Had the same thoughts. I'm actually gonna try and build an AmiBook (Amiga A600 Laptop) using an old laptop screen };-P

12th September 2012, 14:29
Had the same thoughts. I'm actually gonna try and build an AmiBook (Amiga A600 Laptop) using an old laptop screen };-P

I've been toying with the idea of an A600 laptop for some time now, just never got round to it...

That 7" screen looks ideal for both an A600 laptop project and just as a portable unit, as per moijk's original request.

Also, moijk, you could always look for an old 15" TFT monitor. They're still a bit large, but rather more portable than a 19" one, and have the bonus that they're probably available second hand for practically no money these days.


19th September 2012, 23:53
Been there, done that... Here's my end result:
And she's loaded:
But that pic was before i added the subway.. :)
Anyway, there's plenty of BUT for a project like that!
Yes, the A600 is the ideal Amiga for a portable. But, just how portable are you planning on going? Battery-operated? I left that out. Believe it or not, there was no space at all, and certainly no support for charging the battery under the OS. You'd have to find how to do that while the machine isn't working.
Now, the biggest problem is the screen. I chose a 12" 4:3 LCD that could support 12vdc, and various video inputs. This one had choices of VGA, S-Video, and composite. (i have no indy or similar gear) I went the S-Video way. 12 vdc means you can power the A600 and the screen from the same psu simultaneously. The less expansions you have in there, the easiest it will be. I also did a VGA port expansion, and now this machine may be the only one of its kind to have a VGA IN. Means i can still use its screen with another computer! :lol:
You also need a pc keyboard interface if you plan to use a thin keyboard..

20th September 2012, 04:48
What about the PSOne LCD?