View Full Version : Closed CU Amiga Coverdisks: OctaMED, AMOS and more.

29th October 2009, 20:39
I have a selection of CU Amiga coverdisk duplicates for sale:


#36 OctaMED 3[/*:m:21wlkryd]
#54 AMOS 1.35 & Compiler[/*:m:21wlkryd]
#56 The Art Department[/*:m:21wlkryd]
#62 Interword[/*:m:21wlkryd]
#66 Flexidump 2.5[/*:m:21wlkryd]
#72 Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit & Font Grabber[/*:m:21wlkryd]
#74 SCALA & World of Science[/*:m:21wlkryd]
#76 Softwood File & Craft & World of Science (Part 2)[/*:m:21wlkryd]
#80 OctaMED 4[/*:m:21wlkryd]
#96 XCAD Design[/*:m:21wlkryd]

Change of plan. These are yours for the cost of postage only. For UK shipping, this is probably only going to be the cost of an envelope and a stamp. :)

Every one of these disks has just been through my Amiga and reads fine (I've copied most of the files off them to prove they work and contain what they say they contain!) PLUS, even if you get one that doesn't work, I'll happily ADF the copy I have and send it to you.

Most of these disks contain DMS images of the software, so you'll need a pile of blanks, or some other clever method for un-DMSing them before you can install them on a hard disk.

30th October 2009, 15:02
Change of plan. These are offered for the cost of P&P only.

30th October 2009, 18:46
Time to move the thread to recycle bin, then?

31st October 2009, 11:39
I've given these away to a friend now. The thread can be closed.