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29th October 2009, 22:07
So, I thought, just for fun, I'd dig out some of the really old CU Amiga coverdisks (The ones where they used noiseplayer to give you a MOD file and setmap/picshow to create menus. Sadly, none of them boot on my A1200, apparently due to picshow complaining of "insufficient memory" -- Given I have 2MB Chip and a whopping 128MB Fast in there now, I find this hard to believe :) It's no biggie, but I'm curious to know what's fouling them up!

29th October 2009, 22:19
I don't know the answer but I guess it is because you have too much memory! (even winblows says not enough memory when an old program is run on a later machime with lots of memory)

remove fast RAM and try again.

imnogeek:/ awaits zetr0 to give us a full blown account of how the memory is allocated on a 1200 :roll:


29th October 2009, 22:37
Particularly curious, the disks seem to work fine on the A2000, with its mere 1+2+64MB configuration. :)

29th October 2009, 22:53
imnogeek:/ awaits zetr0 to give us a full blown account of how the memory is allocated on a 1200 :roll: ...

now now.... dont be jellyous =)


I think you weill find this is a case of where T: and ENV: are assigned, its possible that T: is assigned to ROM drive as such it cannot write to it, and gives you the "out of memory" declaration.

just open a CLI and type "assign T: ram:T/"

and then try the program, if it fails again, check its tool type.

29th October 2009, 23:32
I bet the menu program is complaining because it didn't found any Zorro-II RAM. AGA Fast RAM in behind the Zorro area, hence it is 32bit.

30th October 2009, 14:16
Either that, or the version of picshow it is trying to run doesn't work properly on the A1200/AGA?

Kin Hell
30th October 2009, 14:59
@ AndyLandy

As a matter of interest, when you get to desktop from a cold boot, how much chip ram do you have showing once the miggy has finally loaded?
In OS3.9\Prefs\Workbench prefs, you can set all graphics to use "other ram" which means it will save precious Chip Ram. Fancy desktops/backdrops will eat chip ram unless this option is set. I'm not sure for earlier versions tbh.

It might also be worthwhile looking at the Picshow program prefs to see if you can force the program to use Fast Ram instead of Chip Ram. Fast ram is 32Bit & Chip Ram 24Bit, meaning it'll all work quicker for the Fast Ram assignment & not cry when the Chip Ram is exhasted.

If you're still stuck for trying above & to save a lot of guesswork, install snoopdos, (http://aminet.net/package/util/moni/SnoopDos) configure the Log file to be in a place you know where you can get to it & use the program your having issues with. Reading the log file will give you some clue as to just what is happening with the program picshow.

Assign T: RAM: & Assign ENV: RAM: , along with Assign Clipboard: RAM: should already be in your Startup-sequence. :wink:

Good luck bud, :thumbsup: