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15th September 2012, 07:25

Looking for the last version of the Picasso IV graphic board in perfect working conditions.

REV 1.2N absolutely mandatory
Original box (in mint or good conditions), manual and cables mandatory
Original disks would be a plus, but not mandatory

Will consider ANY offer, including trading for any other material. :whistle:

Please PM me because AmiBay doesn't send me email alerts for some reasons.


15th September 2012, 09:58
What is the difference between 1.2 and 1.2N ?

15th September 2012, 13:56
1. The 1.2N uses V53C16258HK25 memory chips instead of V53C16258HK50 ones on the 1.2. I'm not sure there's any actual speed advantage though, probably just a matter of component availability.
2. The 1.2N has jumper identification silkscreening on the PCB, the 1.2 does not. The PCB looks otherwise the same.
3. The flash memory is socketed on the 1.2 but directly soldered on the 1.2N
4. The 1.2N has the latest versions of the bridge ($4) and the flickerfixer ($7), assuming no-one has swapped the chips of course!
5. Some 1.2 boards seem to have an extra IC, maybe this only applies to upgraded 1.2 ones or very early models.
6. The 1.2N doesn't guarantee you're getting a PIV with the -B revision of the CL graphics chip, they seem to randomly be found on both 1.2 and 1.2N boards.

So an upgraded 1.2 should be pretty much functionally equivalent to an 1.2N (CL chip revision aside).

15th September 2012, 15:43

15th September 2012, 17:46
I didn't know about these differences.
Is there any advantage to have CL chip rev. B?
I've got two Picasso IV - both 1.2N - but one has CL chip -A and the other one has -B. I've never noticed any difference when using this cards.

15th September 2012, 18:17
Not much of an advantage, the -B revision can support 24 bpp (packed pixel) mode for true colour output (instead of the more common 32 bpp, with the upper 8 bits either unused or used for alpha channeling) but one needs to somehow mess with the P96 driver to make it usable. Both my 1.2Ns have -A chips so I've never looked into it. The card may perform somewhat slower under 24 bpp too as not all pixels will be longword aligned. The benefit of the mode is memory conservation.
The inclusion of the -B revision was obviously a matter of availability and not a feature-upgrade choice, hence the lack of official 24 bpp support in the driver and the random distribution of -B chips across both 1.2 and 1.2N cards.

16th September 2012, 01:37
Thanks for the great technical information in this thread.

For me it's just for the pleasure of having the latest model, and a collectable item in box too (but I plan to use it !!!).

Amigafan, if you feel like releasing one of your 1.2N, feel free to do so and don't worry : it will be well taken care of... :D


Forgot to mention but I can even trade for a working 1.2 (currently in my A4000T) + money if coming with box, etc.

16th September 2012, 15:09
I can give you PicassoIV box (good condition) and manual if you are interested :)

16th September 2012, 23:39
PM sent :D

3rd April 2013, 12:53
Bump. Still looking... :unsure:

4th May 2013, 15:53
And still looking... :huh:

Any boxed Picasso IV 1.2N around ? :blased:

30th December 2013, 20:47
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