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20th September 2012, 21:28
Just wanted to ask for some advice before I make a mess of my working desktop.

My A1200 currently has Blizzard 1230 MK IV @ 50Mhz along with 68882/50 FPU and 16MB of RAM. I also have an Indivision AGA MK II and it runs off a 4GB CF HD.

I am running OS3.9 with the P96 Classic desktop pack. I run 800x600 with 128 colours.

It is really laggy even with the accelerator and extra RAM. I've tried scaling back to 640x480 but still not as smooth as I was hoping for an 030 with lots of RAM.

I was thinking to switch to the ADV Pack and was wondering if its as simple as copying the files overtop of the existing P96?

If anyone could provide some input I'd appreciate it.

20th September 2012, 21:33
hi before taking the reinstall jump try @ 16/32 colours you dont need more than that really

20th September 2012, 21:42
As Johnim said, aga is one of the limiting factors. Youre config should run, I had the 030 for years on an a1200. But if you like to swap the config:

On amiga you can just copy your working bootup partition usually sys system or workbench to a backup dir on your work partition before you experiment.

After that you are free to experiment and copy, I usually format sys and extract the files then on the sys system or workbench, whatever you called it.

Only keep a workbench 3.1 floppy at hand to restore the original if you dislike the results. You only need to select show all, format the target(erase) manage at low res to create two windows and copy (drag) over

For the pack you are using you need lha at hand as well .

20th September 2012, 22:01
Thanks for the input. I think I did experiment with 32colours but everything is really pixelated.

I found some links to some optimized palettes that someone created for 16 colour or 32 colour mode. I will give those a shot also and if all else fails, I will try another CW Pack.

Just wanted to be sure of the procedure before I muck it up.. lol.

20th September 2012, 22:17
The optimized palette from Rebel is really outstanding!!!
You can see some old screenshots from OS3.9 on my A600 on PAL Hi-Res Laced (640x512) @ 16 Colors



21st September 2012, 04:43
This is exactly the one I found. I am going to try this one first. :thumbsup: