View Full Version : Closed 5" Floppy Disk Box

21st September 2012, 02:08
After just a 5 inch diskette box to store mine in. Don't need anything larger then a single row one but will be interested in anything.

Thanks in advance!

21st September 2012, 05:38
got versions for 100 pieces, 50 pieces, 10 pieces.

Let me know which you need.

Regards, marco

22nd September 2012, 07:39
A 100 capacity one will be more then enough I reckon. What sorta price are you looking for one of them?

24th September 2012, 21:55
Well 2,50 euro+pp should cover it.

Do you know that they sometimes are sold as cd boxes?

will let you now the postage costs zoon.

regards, marco