View Full Version : Removing a chip from a LIF socket without special tools?

22nd September 2012, 22:24
So I've got a populated 486 motherboard with a LIF socket. I want to remove the CPU and put it on a different motherboard. Unfortunately I don't have the proper tool for removing it from the socket. I've tried before with just a screwdriver but ended up bending some of the pins on the chip I removed.

Is there a method for removing a LIF socketed chip without damaging it if you don't have the proper tool?

22nd September 2012, 22:27
I remember doing this with strong adhesive tape (Panzertape) years ago, worked pretty good.

25th September 2012, 00:58
Slow and steady is the name of the game with these. Take a small flat head and slowly work each corner of the CPU up evenly a little bit at a time. Intel included a nice tool with their Pentium Overdrive chips for this, but the principal was the same.