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24th September 2012, 04:24
Hey guys!
I have decided it's time for me to let go of most of my stuff in order to prepare for moving out at the end of the academic year. Aside from the fact that I can't take all this stuff with me, it is also being far too much a distraction and I will need the cash more for deposit / rent / clothes and food.

If anyone buys any of my stuff in the coming weeks / months I want you to know that you're really helping me out with my studies and thank you in advance :thumbsup:

Here we have a Super Nintendo console including 1 pad and official PSU.

The console is yellowed and has some cosmetic damage to the bottom of it (see pics) but works flawlessly. I have been using this as my main console for the last 4 - 6 months with no issues at all.

No games with this however, but will include a standard RF cable for completeness...

Asking 25 + postage @ cost.

Pics to follow...

2nd December 2012, 15:05
BUMP :thumbsup:


19th January 2013, 05:39
Bump... Still available...

1st February 2013, 16:47
Im Interested If This Is still available. Sent U A PM.


1st February 2013, 16:52
PM replied, forgot to add payment deets :lol:

Sending another... :picard

2nd February 2013, 15:12
Payment received last night, It was picked up by courier today. :thumbsup:

6th February 2013, 11:39
Received this morning.


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7th February 2013, 15:31
Re-opened as no feedback has been left as of yet.

Leaving feedback for you now :thumbsup:

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7th February 2013, 19:43
Feedback left both ends. Closing again :thumbsup: