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Amiga Forever
27th September 2012, 15:13
Looking for Boxed that are

50 cm Length

35 cm Width

18 cm Height

Please let me know if you have it :)

27th September 2012, 15:16
Boxed? Do you mean 'boxes' ?

You should try your local post office, they can often supply a range of cardboard boxes for shipping things.

27th September 2012, 15:57
Or your may be able to blag a freebie from your local shop/supermarket etc.

Dave G :cool:

Amiga Forever
27th September 2012, 20:51
I found boxed from Maplin :D

please closed the treads....thanks guys :thumbsup:

27th September 2012, 20:53
And next up...

I will make a for sale thread for "Unboxed" :whistle:

27th September 2012, 20:56
I'm guessing it's for AFs monitor stand that he's sending abroad.

Dave G :cool: