View Full Version : Closed NTSC to PAL converter with composite input / output

28th September 2012, 21:57

I am looking for one of those old NTSC->PAL converters that have composite in/out, if anyone has one lurking around please PM me with your asking money :)


Thanks! :thumbsup:

28th September 2012, 23:45
One of the latest versions of "Avid Studio" allows you to convert between the two while editing your footage.

I use it to create NTSC DVDs of my PAL stuff for when I send them to the USA.

Dave G :cool:

28th September 2012, 23:51
thanks davideo but I want this for a famicom console I am getting, turns out my crt tv does not work with ntsc via composite...

28th September 2012, 23:52

I see said the blind man.

Good luck and I hope you manage to find one :thumbsup:

Dave G :cool: