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29th September 2012, 16:48
I am stiil trying to repair a Nintendo DS Lite that I was sent for repair, the one that had no speakers in it. The replacement speakers I ordered arrived this morning which is great, only I now realise that whoever removed the speakers also took the housings for them as well, which is not so great. Dammit!! :dry: :Doh:

Do any of you out there that repair Nintendo DS Lites have a spare set of speaker housings, the ones that retain the speakers in the top part of the case? I'd like them preferably in black, but I'll accept any other colour so that I can finish this repair off.


29th September 2012, 19:14
Not sure what you mean by the speaker housings merly?

They just sit in the speaker holes in the top case and the back of the top case holds them in.

Got a pic of what you mean?

29th September 2012, 19:32

The speakers appear to be 2 to 3mm too small for the mountings on the inner face of the top case. I think that these are 'inner' speakers and that there should be some sort of plastic ring or housing around them, to fill in the gap.

Here's what I have:-

http://thumbs4.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/m6TUIoXy_W0mQ4umB58i9kg.jpg (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nintendo-DS-Lite-Spares-Parts-Inner-Speaker-2-Piece-/310185985095?pt=UK_VideoGames_VideoGameAccessories_VideoGameAccessories_JN&hash=item4838868447)

The one in this picture seems to have an outer 'housing' on it....


If I am right, I am missing these two plastic outer 'housings' that clip around the inner speaker and secure the speaker to the front panel. Ir is it that I just bought the wrong ones?

29th September 2012, 19:36
See what you mean. Sorry i don't have any of those. I didn't know they actually came off, i thought they were all one unit.

On a side note, i'm picking that ebay item up tomorrow morning at about 11am so will be booking the courier once i have it here.

29th September 2012, 19:40
Cheers buddy :thumbsup:

29th September 2012, 19:47
Merly, will a dab of superglue not sort it mate.

TC :)

29th September 2012, 19:56
If it was my machine Bas, I'd hot glue the :censored: things in. I've ordered another set that are quoted as being an 100% OEM replacement now.

29th September 2012, 20:49
TBH he/she probably wouldn't ever know. Besides, the fact you are helping the person and the fact that aslong as it works who cares? If they do complain just tell them to stick it you know where. ;)

29th September 2012, 23:43
Hey merl, having done a DS lite or 2 in the past, I can confirm that these speakers literally just 'sit' in the rim of the casing. The part you seem to be asking for is just a thin rubber 'skin' that sits around the edges of the speaker and shouldn't make much difference other than providing a more 'snug' fit. A dab of hot glue or even a bit of blue-tack to hold them in position and stop them wiggling should be more than sufficient. :thumbsup:

Scratch that, I was thinking of this thing... Which is from a PSP not a DS, and I couldn't see the pics on my phone... :doh:

The speakers you have do indeed appear to be the wrong shape. Odd as I've never seen any out of that black casing, and even the connector pads are much closer in than in DS speakers... These are the only ones I've seen in DS lites...
Sounds like you've found the right ones now anyways. Sorry for the confusion. :thumbsup: