View Full Version : Closed Mastering Amiga Arexx by Paul Andreas Overaa (Bruce Smith Books)(April 1993)

29th September 2012, 19:29
Mastering Amiga Arexx by Paul Andreas Overaa (Bruce Smith Books)(April 1993)

Wanted in very good/good condition.

UK preferred to cut postal cost.

Please PM me if you have a copy for sale.

30th September 2012, 22:55
It is not the one but maybe you will be interested:


will do both for 10 incl. UK postage.

30th September 2012, 23:17
Hi mate - thanks for the heads up but I actually have both those in my collection. (The Abacas book is really good)

25th October 2012, 15:05

25th October 2012, 15:54
Hi Mate,

I got quite a lot of books here, I was thinking of selling them at some point. Sadly it looks like not the one you are looking for (but I have more boxes to go through so don't give up hope)

Any of these any use to you?


25th October 2012, 16:16
Hi Steve, the Amiga DOS 3 Tutorial book would be interesting - stick that to one side for me mate and I'll buy that off you next time we meet up - if you come across the Arexx book give me a shout mate.

Be interesting to see what other books you have... :-)

24th November 2012, 12:49
Thanks for those Books Steve - just need some time to read them now...!

Anyway... bUMP...

I'm still looking for the Arexx book as detailed in post 1

12th January 2013, 17:12
Found - this book off site, thanks, please close now.